Mini GPS location tracker. Free tracking with no additional monthly expenses. Designed in The Netherlands.

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Free tracking in over 40 countries

Thanks to the integrated SIM card the ODIN GPS-03 includes free tracking. It works in over 40 countries by default, with no additional monthly expenses. View our coverage map.

Unlimited range

Works at over 1.000+ km distance. Not comparable to other advertised (cheap) trackers made in China that only work within 10-15 meters of your phone.

Free iOS/Android app included

The ODIN GPS-03 integrates seamlessly with your smartphone by using the free ODIN tracking app which is compatible with all our devices.

See it in action

Track your valuables and loved ones


Track your vehicles.


Always know where your important things are.


Track your loved ones.

What makes the ODIN GPS-03 unique?

Free tracking

You don't need to buy a separate SIM-card, no monthly expenses. The built-in SIM card and international data is included within the purchase price (fair-use). Easy set-up, the ODIN GPS-03 is ready within minutes after taking it out of the box.


The ODIN GPS-03 features a high precision GPS antenna, way more accurate than the one used in your smartphone. Besides this it features triangulation and wi-fi tracking to give out a location even when the signal strength is weak (e.g. in parking garages).


The ODIN GPS-03 is built with stealth purposes in mind. For example, you can disable the built-in LED to avoid the tracker being noticed and even disable the power button remotely from the app. This means that even if someone might find the tracker they will not be able to turn it off.

User friendly

The free iOS and Android apps are built by ODIN Tracking Systems and give you the best user experience possible. Receive push notifications in realtime on your smartphone and smartwatch. Our software is being updated continiously so new features will be added to your tracker over time.

Never lose track again.

We know how important it is to know the location of people and objects we care about. The ODIN GPS-03 is simple to use, small and accurate, has a long battery life and can be easily put or carried everywhere.

"The new and improved way of tracking your belongings and loved ones."

How can the ODIN GPS-03 help me?

If you need help to track people or objects and you want to get their location immediately on your phone, we have the solution for you.

Did you know that in The Netherlands over 7.000 vehicles are stolen every year? You can hide the ODIN GPS-03 in your vehicle in order to always have its location on your phone. This will also come in handy when you lend your car to friends or give it to a valet for parking. The ODIN GPS-03 has a built-in battery so you can put it anywhere you like, no need to hook it up to the vehicles battery.

Is your child going to school alone for the first time? Place the ODIN GPS-03 in their backpack to keep an eye on them. The ODIN GPS-03 is a small GPS tracker, making it versatile for use in any situation.

With our free ODIN tracking app you can access live locations and history of objects and people. The set-up procedure is simple and it takes just three steps to activate and pair the device. You are up-and-running within minutes.

Easy set-up using your smartphone

Start using your ODIN GPS-03 in just 3 easy steps.

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1. Download the ODIN tracking app.
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2. Pair the tracker with your phone.
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3. Start tracking.


First slide
Dimensions (l x w x h) 53 x 39 x 18 mm
Weight 46 grams
Battery lifetime 3 weeks (rechargable)
Bluetooth 4.0 Low-Energy
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
GPS -56db patch antenna

Reviews (6)

12 mei 2020
Must have voor de boot
De GPS tracker werkt super, lokaties in de app zijn accuraat tot op de meter. Ik heb de tracker in onze sloep geplaatst. Nu 2 weken in gebruik en accu is nog op 30%, 1x per 3 weken opladen moet dus voldoende zijn. Activatie was erg gemakkelijk.

9 mei 2020
Gebruik hem voor mijn scooter
Nadat in mijn buurt binnen 1 maand 3 scooters werden gestolen heb ik een odin gps tracker gekocht. Nu kan ik mijn scooter op de straat parkeren en rustig slapen. Mijn vader heeft dezelfde gekocht...

13 april 2020
Prijs kwaliteit!
Het werkt TOP! Eerst had ik zo'n kleine ronde tracker voor aan mijn sleutelbos, maar die werkte alleen als ik met mijn telefoon in de buurt was. Heb deze nieuwe net getest toen mijn vrouw mijn auto wilde lenen om naar haar werk te gaan, kon precies zien waar die was op 50 km afstand!!

18 maart 2020
werkt prima, moest alleen wel 3 dagen wachten op mijn pakket.

25 februari 2020
Nice car tracker
Bought it for my car. Was easy to connect it with my phone, i think it took 1 minute. I have configured the tracker via the app to send its location every 2 hours. Now I only need to recharge every 2-3 weeks. Before when I had set it to every 15 minutes the battery lasted less than a week. When the battery is almost empty I receive a message, so thats nice.

21 februari 2020
Goede kwaliteit, handige app
Fijne app voor op mijn telefoon. Had vroeger een andere, die was wel goedkoper maar daarvan liep de app steeds vast. Ik kreeg ook niet altijd notificaties als de tracker in beweging was. Deze doet het tot nu toe fantastisch.

Ik geef hem mee aan mijn dochter als ze met vriendjes gaat fietsen. Ook heb ik een halsband gekocht waar ik hem in kan doen voor de hond als we naar het bos gaan. Ik ben blij dat ik nu voor een wat duurdere heb gekozen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the battery last?

The ODIN GPS-03 can last from anywhere from 16 hours with real-time tracking to over 2 weeks with location updates every 2 hours. You can configure the location update frequency (and thus the average battery lifetime) through our app. This can be done entirely remotely, so you are always able to choose the most appropriate setting for your situation..

How do I control the device?

You can access the location on your smartphone via the free ODIN Tracking app (available for iOS and Android). You are also able to configure the device, and receive notifications and alerts straight in the app.

Do I need to pay additional fees per month?

No, the price of the ODIN GPS-03 is all-in. The cost of the SIM card and international data (fair-use) is included in the purchase price. There are no additional monthly expenses.

Any other questions we can answer?

See our general frequently asked questions, or contact us.