How did ODIN Tracking Systems start?

On behalf of the team of ODIN Tracking Systems, I would like to welcome you. The story of where the idea for ODIN came from dates back to 2018. In that year I decided to buy a GPS tracker to use in my car, and ordered one online.

After a few days I received the package. The tracker came without a SIM card (which wasn’t mentioned anywhere), so I needed to go and buy one myself. So I did.. I inserted the SIM card into the tracker but it didn’t work. Turns out the SIM card had a PIN-code on it and the tracker couldn’t deal with that. So first I had to take it out, replace the SIM card in my own phone, remove the PIN-code and then put it back into the tracker…

Now the SIM light turned “green”, great! However there was still another light for internet, but that one stayed dim, which I assumed meant the internet was not working. I had to go through the user manual several times and look online for help. After a while I found an article stating that it was possible to send the GPS tracker “commands” via text messages to configure the correct internet settings for my provider. However since these internet settings were not mentioned anywhery, I had to send my cell provider an email to ask what the settings are. After 2 days I received a reply with the settings, then I followed the instructions to send a few complicated text messages to the phone number of the SIM card I bought… and then after a few hours I finally managed to get it working, the internet light turned “green”!

After some more bad experiences of needing to use a (badly) translated Chinese website to follow my tracker, which many times indicated the tracker was suddenly in another city etc. etc. I asked myself: what does it take to make this better? I decided to buy some parts and in a few weekends I had a prototype assembled which already could do more than the tracker I bought. With having more than 10 years of experience in building enterprise software I decided to set out on an adventure to develop a new type of GPS tracker from scratch which is easy to set-up, has high quality parts, and most importantly: is easy to use.

After 2 years of development and hard work of our team I am proud to present the best and most user-friendly mini GPS tracker: the ODIN GPS-03. If you are looking for the best GPS tracker, then you are at the right place. We won’t let you down.

On behalf of the whole team of ODIN Tracking Systems, yours sincerely,
L. de Borst
Founder CEO

Why us?

“ODIN tracking systems” designs and develops high quality tracking solutions, and is based in The Netherlands. Our GPS trackers are easy to use, budget friendly and have a great quality. You can simply pair the device with your phone and put the GPS tracker wherever you need.

We have developed native applications for iPhone and Android, which are free to use. The app will let you see and track the person or the object on a real-time map, see the history of where the device has been, and you can change the settings of the tracker on-the-fly and remotely. We’re on a journey with a clear destination: security of our valuables and loved ones.

Who are we doing this for?

The products and services of ODIN tracking systems are suitable for both individuals and for businesses.

If you are:

  • a parent with young children,
  • a traveler who doesn't want to lose your luggage during a layover, 
  • a sender who wants to be sure that the parcel/box/case will get to the destination,
  • an owner of a car and you are letting customers do a test drive,

or you have:

  • elderly parents, 
  • relatives and friends with Alzheimer,
  • somebody you want to track

We can help you.

Our motto:

“Now you know…”