ODIN Tracking app

All our products seamlessly integrate with the free ODIN tracking app. Access live location, history and alerts straight from your smartphone.

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Live location

Access the live location of your ODIN device, with an update speed of up to one location per 2 seconds.

Configure your device remotely

Turn the built-in LED on or off? You can change this and other settings remotely from your app.


Set up a geofence to receive push notifications on your smartphone whenever the ODIN device enters or leaves a designated area.

Easy set-up

The ODIN device automatically connects to the app when you hold the device near your phone. No complicated steps.


Everything to activate, configure and track your device is done in the app on your smartphone. No computer needed.

Live tracking

Access the live location of the device.


View the history of the device up to 90 days in the past.


Receive push notifications of important situations.

Device settings

Remotely configure the settings of your device.


See more screenshots on the app store.

Apple App store download link Google Play store download link
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